The Under Armour Curry Two: Is it The Shoes?

“Is it the vicious dunks? Is it the hair cut? Is it the shoes?” Which sneaker head doesn’t remember Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon in the old Commercials with Michael Jordan? And while MJ patiently rejected such claims, the latest heroics by Steph Curry and a further upgrade to his already alien-like display of skills last season strongly suggest a link to his new signature sneaker. How else can you explain his 35.8 points per game average on 57% from the field and 52% from downtown through the first five games of the season?

While the other most important signature sneakers, namely the KD8, the Lebron 13 or the Kobe 10, only got additional colorways recently, Under Armour released the all new Curry Two just in time for season tip off. The MVP’s new signature sneaker is nice looking and quite a head turner with the flame-like gradient colorway. On court not only does Steph’s great start to the season indicate performance-increasing characteristics, but also the conclusion from our favorite tester at AnotherPair.

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